Knitting: Legend of Zelda Mittens

By Tiffany - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This past Christmas, I made a pair of cosy mittens for my sister. As we spent many hours playing Legend of Zelda on N64 together while growing up, I thought that I would personalize the mittens using the triforce logo. They turned out so nice, that I want to make a pair of my own.

My notes after the jump...

What I Learned

Intarsia in the round just did not work for me (I'll try again someday!). Instead, I did the project using fair isle (or stranded) knitting. After I completed the first row of the pattern, I knit 3 in the main colour (off-white) and then knit 1 in the second colour (blue) and repeat. On the next row, I did the same thing, but I made my second colour knit 1s (in blue) land in the center of the knit 3 in main colour sections below. On the next row, I lined up my second colour knit 1s with where they were on the first row and so on...

The result was a simple pattern that carried my yarn around. Also, the mitten has the added benefit of being two yarns thick on the finger section; making it extra warm.


"Legend of Zelda Triforce" by Traci and Tommy Webb
"Classic Mittens" by Bernhard Ulmann Co.


Blue: Phildar Iliade
Off-White: Phildar Charly

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